7 days of searching

Imma be spittin’ about what’s hitting my search history,

So here’s a poem made from things I Googled in one week.

“Are Clare and Dale from ‘The Bacherlorette’ still together?”

Whether Clare and Dale from ‘The Bacherlorette’ were a hoax.

50 most funniest and spooky short jokes.


TSB Bank.

TSB Stadium.

TSB Living.

TSB Bank.

Online banking!

Downtown Shakedown line up – who is in L.A.B?

Aries – your astrological predictions for the next 7 days

27 creative ways to tie shoelaces.

Gushing water from one nostril. Cerebral brain fluid. Symptoms to watch out for.

4 new cases in managed isolation

Latest breaking news, sport and weather.

Directions to Jessie Street from Cambridge Terrace.

How to pronounce “Uce.”

Fly’s versus flies, which spelling is right?

What does ‘te koati kotiti’ in Maori mean?

David Potts.

Why is David Potts famous?

Is David Potts dead?

Who killed David Potts?!

David Potts death hoax.

Acronym seach of WAG (Wives and girlfriends if you didn’t know)

What is crabcore?

Crabcore examples.

Cornbread recipe.


Lotto NZ.


Radishes on the FODMAP diet – how safe for IBS?

Soundcloud. com

Pacific Radiology

Blood collection places Wellington

Hours of blood collection places Wellington

Image search ‘Eschers snakes.’

Own name and every alternate spelling variation.

Mountain lakes.

Tarns and lakes Mountain Tarns.

UFO sightings, Illuminati and government conspiracy cover ups.

Error. These pages are unavailable. No records of history relating to your search terms. Clear cache, delete cookies. Erase search data. Data unknown.

Supermarkets near me.

Definition of ‘Experiential.’

Definitely or def-fin-ate-ly.

Read ‘Dads forced to adopt their own children in US to bring them home to NZ…’

Searched for ‘The Addams Family” cast members.

Viewed ‘Where is Pugsley now’?

Searched for “What band was Nick from ‘Dinner Date’ in”?

Searched “Why is urine so dark in the morning?”

Searched ‘Story telling’ with a space versus ‘storytelling’ no space.

How to cut a ‘V’ neck into a t shirt

Googled ‘What is Beggar’s chicken?’

Wikipedia page for Erik Satie

Visited Tarns Hood Dot Com.