Coat of Covid

Everything’s covered in a coat of Covid
Hey, did you wash your hands?
And how long have you had that persistent, dry cough?
Turn notifications off, but don’t scoff at the stats –

At this rate, it’s a matter of who here falls first.

Thirsty work this staying in.
Does it happen to hurt when you swallow?
Follow the news but choose your viewings wisely
Counting confirmed cases can reaffirm your anxiety…

Why do we run when told to stay put?
Foot stapled between septum and labret,
Get all of the rules and then bend them.
You can extend your love,
But stay out of my bubble.

Trouble is,
Everything’s covered in a coat of Covid
Did you just NOT cough into your elbow?!

Go Home!

Rome has fallen…
Russia, America, Spain, the U.K
Stay 2 ———– metres away from those outside your letterbox.
Think of this as a levelled up Chicken Pox
This is zombies in Combies performing lobotomies on the economy!
There’s immunity within autonomy,
But insanity within isolation.
2020 becomes a Pandemic population;
We’re a nation sent inside to try and fly under a virus’s radar…
Paid the Chemist $77 for hand sanitizer

Yoga, cleaning, jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts.
Laughs at memes and virals while global death rates rise…
Cooking, writing, redecorating, gardening, D.I.Y
Cries after reading the article but stops before the lullaby.

Everything’s covered in a coat of Covid
Hey, did you just touch your face?!
And I’ve noticed you go from singlet to blanket four times this past hour!

How are you feeling?
How are we all feeling…?

Reeling from updates and consumed by paranoid, flu-like symptoms,
We’re watching Netflix, attending Zoom meetings and bingeing full seasons of The Simpsons.

Like digital bones, our phones go constantly as humanity closes her borders.
Orders by the Government meant time spent in solitary while Scientists try to sort out a vaccine.

Clean surfaces thoroughly
Wipe down where you’ve been
Maintain safe and efficient practices of personal hygiene. 

Tarns Hood 31/3/2020

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