Reasons why I have never written a List Poem.

I have never written a List Poem and here are the reasons why:

6. I’m a little bit numbers dyslexic.

B. I’m not sure i can follow the format correctly and still rhyme…

Nine. What if I developed a lisp…?! Lithed poem…

2.5+ the Infinity symbol. Aren’t most people compiling lists on Xcel Spreadsheets these days?

Cell 7, Row M. I often list things on my fingers, so i feel i couldn’t highlight more than ten points – I find this somewhat limiting.

16. I often forget where i’m up to. I feel the List Poem technique would be brutally unforgiving in this format.

15 or 16. I’d want to put at least two things into every Bullet point – I’m relatively economical.

B. I know i’ve already said B, so now i’d either have to repeat what ‘B ‘was, or try and remember what I had on the list after 15 or 16…

3. There are some numbers I just don’t like…


And I have numbers that are classic favourites, like Lotto numbers or meat pack raffle ticket winners – i’d feel torn about what content goes to what number.

4 of Spades. I’m not that good at maths.

7. I’m actually great at getting the answer to the equation, just shit at showing the workings. (Rainman-Hood)

Triangle. I’m a bit bored of List Poems.

Four hundred and twenty six. I secretly love List Poems and am just salty because I don’t have one in my prolific repertoire.

John 3.16. Lists make me feel like I have constant errands to run or people to apologise to.

8. Lists are more fun to write if you have heaps of money.

1 dollar & fifty cents. Would I need to do a “Pro’s and Con’s” list to see what goes into the list and then also about the List Poem itself?

Purple. Instead of stating the obvious, I’d prefer to inform you subliminally regarding how i really feel.

6. Repetition is ALWAYS in List Poems!

6. Repetition is ALWAYS in List Poems!

Question mark. Have I done one now?

Tarns Hood

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