Live for the soon.


Today I am boiled jugs and playlists.

I wear “On Leave, B*tches!” clothes with glittery camo socks.

I snack on Mainland© Creamy Brie and flashbacks of last night’s nakedness…

I stay in that moment.

Scenes of sweat-stuck sheets.

Traces of tassels that tease through the track lines of my tender places.

Today I am topped up Whiskas©

I am 30-gram Holiday© Reds on a damp deck.

I am cheap sunglasses and Olay©,

(Which I remember way back when being “Oil of Ulan©” and thinking my Mum would soon transform into that goddess on TV, all milk-bathed, glamour and draped jewellery…)

This afternoon I am attempting

“Chill time”.

I unwind to find that space I discovered yesterday,

That place reminding me to

“Be an adult!”

(Ugh, Boo to this place, it’s riddled with chores.)

Today I am looking for tampons in drawers,

Retrieving hair ties from floors,

Leaving Instant Kiwi© scratchy bits pressed into pages of new notebooks.

I took some time today to do

…not a heck of a lot,


I think I got plenty from it.

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