Live for the soon.


Today I am boiled jugs and playlists.

I wear “On Leave, B*tches!” clothes with glittery camo socks.

I snack on Mainland© Creamy Brie and flashbacks of last night’s nakedness…

I stay in that moment.

Scenes of sweat-stuck sheets.

Traces of tassels that tease through the track lines of my tender places.

Today I am topped up Whiskas©

I am 30-gram Holiday© Reds on a damp deck.

I am cheap sunglasses and Olay©,

(Which I remember way back when being “Oil of Ulan©” and thinking my Mum would soon transform into that goddess on TV, all milk-bathed, glamour and draped jewellery…)

This afternoon I am attempting

“Chill time”.

I unwind to find that space I discovered yesterday,

That place reminding me to

“Be an adult!”

(Ugh, Boo to this place, it’s riddled with chores.)

Today I am looking for tampons in drawers,

Retrieving hair ties from floors,

Leaving Instant Kiwi© scratchy bits pressed into pages of new notebooks.

I took some time today to do

…not a heck of a lot,


I think I got plenty from it.

We are burning.


We are burning

Our chests are play fighting

Breasts and breaths fill the space between us

This electricity

Enabling energy

Enabling ecstasy

Disabling every other charge on any single thing we have

been thinking

Sinking into mattresses

Heaving seas of legs weaved

We see heat come from places we’ve only known and felt was inhabited by Arctic frost

Our bodies are lost under blankets

Gasps and grasps as this desperation closes the gap between us

We are burning.