As we climb.


I’ve cut my toenails & fingernails

Plan to shower and shave

I have this whole day

and a cold.

I’m older next week and the people i speak to daily

say 36 is still young

that I’m “in my prime!”

I find that…


Bring the jug to the boil and seek out my tweezers


All of this takes effort.

I’ve straightened my hair

Found something to wear

I have snot-balled toilet paper in a plastic bag by my bed.

Fed myself cigarettes

I’m finding the energy to stop procrastinating

Bring the jug to the…


Fill the jug with 6 Ltrs of water


All of this takes effort.

I’ve applied 04 foundation mixed with tinted moisturizer

Eyes coated with two blends of a glittery shade

Paid $48 for mascara that still lumps

and clumps like my lashes have fallen down a coal mine.

I’m older next week

still yet to seek out those tweezers

Jesus, this is tiring!





So my face now looks as if I’ve hit a tar pit


All of this and I’ve not yet left the house.


I still have half a day

and this cold

Am closer to being that much older next week.

Powder peach-pink particles

across the bones of my cheek

Spritz my neck with

DKNY Fresh Blossom

Search the bottom of my hand bag for Papaw

and shut the door behind me.

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