I can finally feel the frequencies;

This ‘ease up’ on everything that held me in tangled strings,

dangling from a rapidly-descending ceiling has me feeling no more


Has me feeling free.

Music is delicious when listened to in 432hz,

Spurts of creative outbursts

Immersed in words, I hear my voice over vibrations;

Melodical meditation,

Manifestation of illogical, yet imaginative works.

Right Brain: On

Left Ear: Tuning

Write down: Everything

Left alone: Helps.

I can honestly hear the harmonies;

This pleases my everything

and brings those strings back together to weave

an intricacy of interior peace.

Hearing that Morning Song, those birds…

Hearing from loved ones and what hurts…

Resonations, reverberations,

Audible relaxations…

I can finally feel the frequencies.

3 thoughts on “Fourthirtytwohertz

  1. Poetry as synthaesthesia. I got words, sound and colours in a snapshot, all in one go. Then I forced myself to re-read it s-l-o-w-l-y… to savour the rhythm and watch the movie.
    That’s beauty right there.

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    • This may be the best feedback and compliment I have ever received. And that comment in itself is art, so I’m kind of blown away by it. I’m so, so happy you felt this piece. It’s vibrational verse and when spoken, I think it sings. In a kind of savage way. Thank you so much. That’s inspiring.


  2. Thanks. A smiley emoji thing was my first impulse, but that seems trivial. Your work gets me, live and on the ‘page’. I appreciate being in a position to let you know.

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