Off the beaten 8-Track


I want my future partner to be a fantastic driver.

Or, just to be a driver –

…to drive…

To operate a vehicle that goes places on wheels, with stuff under car seats and in boots,

food wrappers and spare pairs of shoes,

off-frequency radio stations and cassettes –

Yes, cassettes.

To show me sunsets over beaches,

Night lights from cities through windscreens,

Parked up on a ledge,

by a Boulevard atop a Hill

and into a Lane of lovers.

I want us to open up sunroofs & high speed Highways;

I want to re-fuel at dusty petrol stations…

I want road trips!

I want to stop for ice-creams and pies; to sleep in backseats overnight with beach towels and bikinis, I want hot leather and door handles with shocks, a keyring with a button that sounds an audible lock,  i want trailers and burnouts & drive-throughs and BBQs accompanied by opened passenger door acoustics…from the cassette player…

Playing B side cassettes as she revs the engine and we reverse…

Out of a moonlit campground carpark, across the Avenue, take a left lane into a Crescent, indicate to carry on to Main Street, where she puts her foot to the gas and we drive the last Road leading out of this place.

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