What matters anat..oh..me…

Nails painted and polished

But chipped, chomped and crevacing crumbs of the scum of the day hide under the tips of moons.

Quiks quickly bitten and nicotine stains hidden where the arm of the pen sits.

Lips lacquered and glossed

But chapped, over-licked and laced with seamed saliva simmer 

beneath dried remnants of last nights consumables.

Teeth touched with tainted tongue

And plaque plagues enamel, 

while palates are arid, showing barren gums…

…brush off this decay…

Skin softened and moisturised,

But bruised, scraped and scaly.

Flakes slide through stockings,

Longing for a healthy bronze…

A moleless map of skeletal covering.

Eyes tinted with lenses of blue,

But mapped with lines 

through streams of salt, masking optics and visions true.

Soles padded and striding sturdy,

But blistered, bleeding and raw –

…This journey…

With holes in socks 

and rocks under foot

Is measured

By the length





Its every girl I’ve lived with…


It’s every woman in power…


It’s every nurturing mother…

On occasion.

It’s every sympathetic shoulder…


It’s every ‘good time’ drinker…

Too often.

It’s every wizardress of words…

My dream.

It’s every experimentation…


It’s every curious student…

Hardly ever.

It’s every kind, warm soul…

Once. (But we were better as friends)

It’s every gaze I meet –

Your hands

Touch me;

You laugh forgivingly.

Your mind cautiously choosing what to say next…

In line for everyone that comprehends and finds artistic creativity; defends her psychological intelligence, personal mantra and strength…

She’s out there….

Waiting for me.