Of a Thursday


I like when the kittens catch and eat a moth in my room.
I like when someone cooks but knows I’ve not consumed and tells me to help myself.

I like when I wake up before my alarm and feel alive…
Morning drive….

I like when Winter leaves flirt past me on my way to work –
Even though I’m fucked off and
Fumbling with headphones within only the
<<<<<left earplug operating with a jerk…
I like you.

I enjoy when people say I make a difference.

I enjoy when I buy something small from the corner dairy in the distance
And tell them
to keep
the 20¢ change…
And they’re grateful. And i’ll now arrange within my stumbling brain to visit them…
And only them from now on.

I enjoy when someone compliments the outfit I’d thought about wearing over the last 9 hours
as I scoured the cleanest of the dirty…
I enjoy meeting you.

I hate when I wake and see these bloodshot eyes.
I hate when I fake my way through suited disguise…
I hate when and that I sleep alone at night…
I hate myself quite often.
(To be honest)

But times WILL change
And minutes will pass.
Regretted hours will fade and memories will last…

And so I’ll sit
Right here in the middle (midst?)

And  continue to decipher the riddle
That is me.

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